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  • Quality Appliances LLC buys, sells and trades pre-owned washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, freezers and other appliances. All our appliances are thoroughly tested and meticulously cleaned and come with a 30 DAY WARRANTY. If you’re a landlord, homeowner or renter, we can save you money on your appliance needs.


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    1. business717, 4 years ago

      I called this business and left a message, which went unreturned. When I called back, I donated a working oven to this business and made arrangements for them to come to my home at a time of their choosing, which was quite early in the morning. We both agreed to the timeframe and I went about cleaning the oven, moving furniture for easy access, and calling people to be at my home since I would need to leave partway through for work. After all of these arrangements, the owner never showed. When I called him to check in, he told me that he and his partner had decided not to come. I very calmly told him that I wish he would have called to tell me because it had inconvenienced several people early in the morning. Rather than apologizing, telling me he forgot or got busy, or nearly any other excuse that I would have accepted, he proceeded to argue with me and blame shift by saying that I was supposed to call him back and confirm the time that we had already agreed upon (this was not the arrangement). He was rude, talked over me, and this, in my opinion, is very poor business practice. I would not recommend this business. If they treat people this way when they are getting something free, how would they treat someone when they are actually required to provide a service?

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      • Steve, 4 years ago

        At Quality Appliances we do all we can to make our customers happy. Although this person is not technically a ‘customer’, she did offer us a “free” oven, not revealing until the end of the first conversation that it was “built-in” to the cabinets, and would require removal and disconnection before haul-off. While waiting for her call-back to verify the time frame, I spoke with my partner and we decided it would not be in our interests to acquire this item, and whichever one of us took her return call would thank her, but decline the offer.
        Obviously that return call didn’t come until the next day, and she was upset I couldn’t give her an answer she “would have accepted”. I hope she found someone else to provide the free labor and haul-off she was seeking.

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    2. Megan, 3 years ago

      My husband and I purchased a Kenmore washer and dryer from Quality Appliances when we purchased our home 8 months ago. The washer still works, but the dryer has already stopped working. While I knew the washer and dryer were refurbished and reconditioned and that the warranty on the purchase was only 30 days, I had hoped they would last longer than 8 months as they still cost a good bit of money although used. I called quality appliances and was reminded of the 30 day warranty and told I could bring the dryer in to be looked at it, but repairs would be at my cost of course. Purchased a new dryer at Lowes that actually cost less than the one purchased at Quality Appliances. Wont be back.

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      • Steve, 2 years ago

        Please note she was aware it was a 30 day warranty, and this was 8 months later, 240+ days, I offered her the same as I do everyone, if you bring it in, I’ll check it out free, and normally repair it for the price of parts ONLY. Most repair parts are minimal in cost, many times under $20. You can’t please everyone, try calling Sears or Lowes for free parts and labor when your warranty is 8 times over the limit, you won’t get what we offer!
        Steve @ Quality Appliances

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