St Francois State Park

St. Francois State Park in Missouri is one true symbol of a tranquil exotic natural spot. Widely stretched over 2734.97 acres and with beautiful hills alongside the forest ridges, this park offers all its visitors a chance to discover serenity in a wilderness setting within this lushly green forest. The park has three hiking trails, various equestrian activities, trekking trails at the forested hilly areas and various picnic spots near the glade of Coonville creek area. One popular trail called Mooner’s Hollow trail leads the visitors to Coonville creek natural area through the clear waters of the creek. The Big River at the southern boundary of the park is popular for canoeing and fishing. With a number of shaded picnic sites with covered shelters, this park is the perfect place for any type of picnic or a large family gathering. For campers, the park has more than 100 campsites with overnight stay facilities including both basic and electric lights. Amenities include modern restrooms, hot shower facilities and laundry services for the guests. Whether to do canoeing in Big River or to enjoy a peaceful camping while taking a break from the tedious everyday life, the St. Francois state park is one great option.

Attractions of the St. Francois state park include trails, campsites, river activities and natural surroundings of unique flora and fauna. The park offers a wide range of services in addition to the regular camping amenities. The park also has a backpack camp for hikers on the new Pike run trail. Water facilities vary based on the seasons and campers should contact the park authorities during the off-seasons. Campers and hikers can also do reservations by calling the reservation help desk. The closing time varies depending upon the season. Popular recreational activities at St. Francois State Park include fishing at the Big River; this river is the domiciliary of numerous small-mouth bass and catfishes. The two river access points near the picnic areas of the park provide a convenient canoe launch point along the riverside for all the campers and guests. The park authorities do not recommend motorized boats due to the shallow nature of the river.


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